SACRAMENTO, Dec. 8, 2020 – Rä Foods LLC Wild About Sprouts™, a Sacramento based fresh sprouts produce company, has opened a new production facility at 8200 Berry Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828 to expand production of Wild About Sprouts™ to meet the increasing demand for fresh green sprouts.

“Wild About Sprouts™ is on a mission to reach consumers across the country with fresh, living, safe, healthy, flavorful sprouts,” said Dan Sholl, General Manager, Wild About Sprouts™. “In order to do this, we needed to expand our cold greenhouse space to meet the increasing demand we are experiencing. We’ve customized a few key details, but the overall operation was already in place for us to grow our business in this facility.”

Wild About Sprouts™ are different from traditional sprouts and are grown in individual 3 ounce containers using a patented Cold Grown® process (PAT No. 10015936) that results in the safest sprouts available. The patented Cold Grown® process prevents the growth of pathogens and eliminates handling that could introduce contaminants and promote spoilage. Wild About Sprouts™ seeds are planted directly in 3 ounce retail packages and from planting to the plate, the sprouts remain alive and completely untouched until harvested by consumers in their homes. As an additional safety step, final product testing occurs on every shipment.

COLD GROWN® Wild About Sprouts™ are also produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way; being herbicide-free and pesticide-free and using only ¼ cup of water per package with no waste. Wild About Sprouts™ are amazingly versatile and these tiny veggies are compact and easy to store, taking up little space in a refrigerator while offering twice the protein and fiber of traditionally grown sprouts.

Wild About Sprouts™ come in six varieties. The 100% Clover is sweet and delicate, the Broccoli/Clover blend is mild and peppery, and the “Spicy Blend” of radish and clover brings the heat with a dash of red in the rootlets. Alfalfa has a nutty, mild flavor, the Clover/Alfalfa blend is sweet and nutty and 100% Broccoli is strong, bold and peppery.

“We are here to support our grocers in their efforts to keep quality fresh produce on stores shelves during this difficult time of COVID and our new facility and increased growing capacity will help us to accomplish that,” said Sholl. “We are also continuing to support our local food shelves with a recent donation of more than 600 cases of Wild About Sprouts™. This is added to the more than 6,000 cases we have donated to food shelves this year.”

“In addition to adding growing space, we are excited to announce Wild About Sprouts™ has partnered with Ilana Muhlstein RDN, MS,author, public speaker, influencer and member of the Leadership Team for the American Heart Association. The goal is to help introduce and educate consumers about the benefits of adding Wild About Sprouts™ to your healthy eating routine. There is a generation of consumers that don’t really know what sprouts are and we are taking on the challenge of helping people understand the benefits of these powerful little plants.”

About Rä Foods, LLC

Rä Foods LLC Wild About Sprouts™ is located in Sacramento, California and has been in the sprouts business for more than 20 years. In 2016, Rä Foods created the new patented Cold Grown® process (PAT No. 10015936) for growing sprouts because the traditional sprout growing industry was plagued with poor growing practices that resulted in outbreaks and illnesses. The new patented process, which in repeated independent laboratory trials using inoculated samples, was shown to produce an actual die-off of Salmonella and E.coli, the two organisms primarily responsible for food safety issues with traditional sprouts. Wild About Sprouts™ seeds are planted directly in 3 oz retail packages and from planting to the plate, the sprouts remain alive and completely untouched until harvested by consumers in their homes. Due to Wild About Sprouts™ patented Cold Grown® process and final product testing, Wild About Sprouts™ are the safest sprouts on the market.

Rä Foods Wild About Sprouts™ are available at grocers in California as well as the Western United States and many mid-western states. For more information on Wild About Sprouts or for store information, visit, and

Eating Ideas for Wild About Sprouts™

  • Breakfast: breakfast sandwiches and bagels, egg wraps, frittatas, and smoothies
  • Lunch: sandwiches, salads, wraps, burritos, pasta salads, soups and stews
  • Dinner: Sushi, tacos and fajitas, burgers, as a salad bed for steak or fish, pasta stuffers, stir fry
  • Snacks: sprouts mixed with guacamole, salsa or other dips; apple/peanut butter/sprouts; sprouts bruschetta, nachos, and more